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Dear Friend,

    ... is there a special project or goal that you desperately WANT to do because you know it could make a BIG difference in your life, business or career but you just can’t seem to get yourself to start it?

    ... do you feel bad, frustrated or disappointed in yourself because of all the things you keep putting off?

    ... have you been putting off a big dream or goal for a long time and are afraid you are never going to start it... and deep down you know you’ll always regret it?

    ... are there things you should be doing to have the kind of success and lifestyle you want, but you just can’t get yourself to do them?

    ... have you ever missed a wonderful opportunity because you kept putting it off or didn’t have the courage to act?

    ... have you ever disappointed an important person in your life because of procrastination... even though you knew that it would erode the trust and intimacy in the relationship?

    ... do you feel frustrated, guilty or even ashamed because of all the promises you’ve made with yourself over the years that you haven’t been able to keep?

    If you’ve struggled with procrastination, then you’ve thought about these kinds of things before... probably MANY times.

    And you know what’s the WORST part about them?

    Well, if you ask me, the most PAINFUL and FRUSTRATING part is that you know that you’re going to be worse off by procrastinating... but you STILL do it anyway.

    The problem is with all the well meaning procrastination advice out there, things like “Break it down into smaller steps” or “Just do it” or “Get an exercise buddy” and all the other tips that you’ve probably heard a million times before.

    Don’t get me wrong... this type of advice is perfectly fine and it WORKS... IF it happens to match the exact cause of your procrastination.

    You see, there are 12 major causes of procrastination... and you can procrastinate on a chore like cleaning the kitchen counter for a completely different reason than you procrastinate on something else, like writing your book, organizing your closet, or tackling that important project at work.

    If you don’t understand WHY you are procrastinating, using this type of procrastination advice is like asking a random stranger for their prescription eyeglasses and hoping that they’ll help you see better... you might get lucky, but chances are they just won’t work for you.

    The good news is that you don’t have to rely on blind luck or painful trial and error to overcome procrastination... because once you understand WHY you are procrastinating, you can easily find the RIGHT strategies to quickly get yourself motivated to take action... and finally put an end to procrastination for good.

    Just imagine what your life could be like if you understood exactly why you are putting things off and you knew the right buttons to push to get yourself motivated to take the actions you want.

    At first, you might notice that you are simply more productive and getting more things done around the house or in your work... instead of putting them off like you used to.

    Then, as your confidence grows and you become better at motivating yourself, you start to tackle bigger and more important projects... and that’s when others start to take notice and reward you for your efforts with better pay, promotions and other opportunities.

    You also start to feel much more in control of your life because you know what’s pulling your strings and what you need to do to change it. You’d be able to enjoy the satisfaction that comes from knowing that you are in control of your future.

    The best part is when you wake up one day and realize that your truly important dreams and goals, the ones that you may have put on hold and given up on long ago, are once again within your reach.

    These are not fantasies! They are all possible IF you learn how to master your own motivation and get yourself to take the actions you know you need to take to get what you want.


    I’ve spent thousands of dollars and years of research in psychology, productivity and motivation uncovering the most common reasons for procrastination and the best, most effective and most practical motivational techniques and strategies to overcome each of those reasons.

    The result is what I call the Procrastination Elimination System, a 5-step process of clarifying the actions that you want to take, understanding how and why you procrastinate on them, identifying the best strategies you can use to get yourself to take action, learning how to motivate yourself and developing a simple plan to help you get started.

    This system is very powerful because it’s based on a deep and thorough understanding of the motivational and psychological factors that lead to procrastination and lack of action.

    In basic terms, your level of motivation is the result of two competing forces that are constantly changing and interacting with each other inside your mind: your drive or desire to take action and your resistance to take action, which usually comes from fear, anxiety, overwhelm, doubt and avoidance of potential pain.

    If your drive to take action is stronger than the resistance you feel, then you’ll be naturally motivated to take the actions you want.

You Win!

    But if your resistance is stronger than your drive, you’ll likely procrastinate or avoid taking action -- even if you desperately WANT to take action. Even if you know that taking action is good for you and you’d be far better off by doing it.

Procrastination Wins!

    The fact that you want to take action... but you just can’t get yourself to do so is what makes procrastination so difficult and SO frustrating.

    Most people struggle with procrastination and feel like they don’t have conscious control over their own actions because they don’t understand the source of their motivation -- they don’t know what’s pushing them in one direction or pulling them in another... and they definitely don’t know how to tip the scales in their favor to make taking the actions they want easier.

    The good news is that you already have much more control over these two forces than you may realize... but you need to understand how they work and learn a few simple but very powerful techniques to quickly and easily boost your drive and lower your resistance.

    The Procrastination Elimination System shows you how to do this step-by-step.


    In my new course, The Psychology of Procrastination, I show you how to use the Procrastination Elimination System along with the best and most practical motivation techniques and strategies -- so you can get motivated to take action and finally put an end to procrastination... and keep it away permanently!

    With the new “QuickStart” videos and cheat sheets, I’ve broken the process down into simple steps and basic principles that are so easy to implement that you will experience a difference in less than an hour. 

   Here’s what’s included in the Psychology of Procrastination program:

  • 5 QuickStart videos that teach you the Procrastination Elimination System and the main principles behind it.
  • The eBook where you can learn about any of the motivation principles, techniques and strategies in more detail at your own pace.
  • Mindset conditioning audios (MP3s) that replace your old procrastination mindsets and replaces them with productive thinking habits.
  • 3 powerful guided visualizations (MP3s) that will automatically help boost your drive and motivation while effortlessly releasing your resistance to take action.
  • Action exercises to improve your skills and help you implement the system.
  • A Procrastination Elimination Plan workbook & template that walk you through the process step-by-step.
  • “Cheat sheets” that cover the most important points.

“The Psychology Of Procrastination Course Helped Me Become A More Focused, Highly Motivated, Disciplined Person Instead Of Being The Chronic Procrastinator...”

“Dear Mr. Rodger,

In the beginning, I have joined the psychology of procrastination course to resolve inner conflicts which prevent me from achieving success, like sticking to healthy food, cutting off and limiting the caffeine intake, finding motivation to do the house work, etc.

After reading the book and applying the steps of the procrastination elimination system, I have not only solved my first two problems, but found myself equipped with a life long formula of success.

The Psychology of Procrastination course helped me become a more focused, highly motivated, disciplined person instead of being the chronic procrastinator.

Mr. Rodger, your coaching style was inspiring. The procrastination elimination system step-by-step approach makes us passionate and motivated to go all the way. Your caring, understanding, immediate response and kind support were so appreciated. Many thanks for your effort and for the great course.

Engy El-Bardissy”


  • Lack of discipline, busyness, or “laziness” are NOT the real reasons why you procrastinate (Learning the REAL reasons is the key to overcoming it) - pg. 15
  • A fascinating discovery in the field of motivational psychology that explains why some days you feel naturally motivated... and other days you can barely drag yourself out of bed - pg. 17
  • 3 questions that will help you “find your motivation” and get leverage on yourself to make sure that you finally overcome procrastination... and keep it away permanently - pg. 9
  • Why constantly pushing and “forcing” yourself to take action is actually counterproductive and why it can literally destroy your long-term motivation 
    (You’ll find out exactly what you should to do instead) - pg. 32
  • 3 simple but very powerful ways to revitalize your energy and get yourself motivated when you need an extra boost to finish the day strong (If you only learn one thing in this program, make sure it’s this) -  pg. 22
  • The 5 “secret” ingredients that control your desire to take action (Understand how they work and you’ll be able to instantly boost your motivation whenever you want to) - pg. 23
  • A common source of procrastination that most people never even think about or consider (Ignore it at your own peril.) - pg. 24
  • The real reason why so many people procrastinate on their health and exercise goals (Once you understand the reason, you’ll know what to do to change it) - pg. 27
  • The 5 most common sources of resistance to action... and how to use them to dramatically reduce any resistance you feel - pg. 28
  • 3 simple questions that will help you pinpoint “hidden” psychological factors that could easily be multiplying your resistance without you even being aware of them - pg. 30
  • What Gibbons, apes and other animals can teach you about one of the most difficult obstacles to overcoming procrastination (Hint: most procrastinators don’t even realize they are struggling against it) - pg. 31
  • A proven 5-step process to help you understand WHY you procrastinate and find the best strategies to help you conquer procrastination... no matter what obstacles are standing in your way - pg. 33
  • The very first thing that you must do before you even attempt to overcome procrastination (Don’t even think about skipping this step) - pg. 35
  • How to tell if procrastination is masking an even deeper issue that you’ve been avoiding or neglecting -- If you don’t address the underlying issue, you’ll have to keep dealing with procrastination issues again and again  - pg. 36
  • Four simple but very powerful psychological components that you MUST include when defining your projects and goals if you want to avoid procrastination - pg. 39
  • One critical mistake that will virtually guarantee that you’ll procrastinate on your most important goals - pg. 40
  • 5 simple but very effective questions that will help you uncover strong emotional motivators to skyrocket your desire to take action (You’ll almost have to stop yourself from taking action too quickly once you discover these “emotional hot buttons”) - pg. 41
  • How to find even more powerful emotional hot buttons to push when you need that extra boost of motivation and energy - pg. 43
  • Why logic alone is almost never enough to help you overcome procrastination... and the “secret” ingredient that can virtually guarantee that you’ll take the actions you want - pg. 42
  • A proven exercise that will help you harness and combine your strongest and most motivating emotional hot buttons into a powerful action statement describing exactly what you want to do and why (You can use this to turbo-charge your motivation and get yourself to take action whenever you need to) - pg. 45
  • Two deadly mistakes that you need to avoid at all costs when using this program to achieve your goals... ignoring them could leave you disappointed and miserable  - pg. 47
  • 10 key questions to consider to help you understand HOW you procrastinate (You’ll discover the unique physical, mental and emotional mechanisms that you use to put things off) - pg. 50
  • The 12 most common causes of procrastination -- You’ll learn what they are, how to spot them and how to choose the best strategies to overcome each one - pg. 52
  • University researchers discovered this little known but very effective psychological tactic that can increase your chances of taking action and following through on your commitments by as much as 800% (You’ll learn exactly what it is and how to use it) - pg. 55
  • A powerful time management technique that will not only help you avoid procrastination, but can help you accomplish more in a few hours than you usually accomplish in an entire day (Many highly productive people swear by it) - pg. 56
  • Many people struggle with procrastination because they set themselves up for failure without even realizing it... You’ll learn how to set yourself up for success instead - pg. 57
  • 5 powerful psychological techniques to “get leverage on yourself” and help you launch into action - pg. 60
  • The critical difference between “intrinsic” and “extrinsic” motivation and why you need to use both if you want to avoid procrastination - pg. 69
  • 4 deceptively simple psychological tactics that can make any task seem more interesting and enjoyable (You’ll LOVE these)  - pg. 71
  • Two “mental traps” that most procrastinators often fall into that virtually guarantee that they’ll procrastinate instead of taking action - pg. 67
  • Why most procrastinators are NOT “slackers” or “lazy” -- even if everyone else thinks they are (You’ll discover how to shed these false and disempowering labels) - pg. 78
  • The deadly mistake that many procrastinators make when deciding what to do next that makes it much more difficult for them to get started - pg. 84
  • 4 powerful psychological secrets that you can use to fool yourself into significantly reducing any resistance that you feel... making it much more likely that you’ll take the actions you want - pg. 86-88
  • 2 great ways to “get leverage on yourself” and naturally boost your drive and desire to take action (This is THE motivation secret that most action-oriented people use instinctively...  many without even realizing it) - pg. 92
  • The difference between “push” and “pull” motivation -- Each one has advantages and disadvantages (You’ll learn when it’ best to use each type) - pg. 94
  • A simple but very powerful psychological technique that you can use to effortlessly release fear and anxiety based resistance in under 2 minutes - pg. 91
  • How to create magnetic motivation that pulls you toward the outcomes that you want and inspires you to take action (When used correctly, this can be one of the most powerful and lasting forms of motivation) - pg. 95
  • 4 simple and effective psychological tactics that help you develop confidence and belief in your ability to take action - pg. 98-99
  • 3 practical ways to increase your sense of urgency and motivation when your deadlines are far away (Highly productive people swear by them) - pg. 100
  • A fascinating discovery a college professor made when handing out assignments that can help you avoid procrastination - pg. 101
  • Why taking action is not always the best way to deal with projects you’ve been procrastinating on (You’ll discover three other alternatives and how to choose the best one for your situation) - pg. 103
  • How to handle the “worthless” or “meaningless” tasks you’ve been procrastination on in a way that will work for everyone involved - pg. 105
  • One simple but very powerful mindset shift that will make it completely unnecessary for you to continually motivate or “force” yourself to take action - pg. 106
  • A common mistake in most people’s to-do lists that almost forces you to procrastinate on your important projects (The best part is you can fix it with one simple change to the way you organize your to-do’s) - pg. 107
  • Do you have problems getting started on your big projects? You’ll not only learn WHY this happens, you’ll also learn a simple psychological tactic that will make it EASY for you to get started on your projects - pg. 109
  • The top 6 time management mistakes that most procrastinators make that keeps them busy and overwhelmed... and leaves them wanting to put things off - pg. 112
  • 3 principles you NEED to follow if you want to maximize your energy and willpower (Ignore them and watch your willpower and energy go down the drain) - pg. 120
  • A critical mistake that many procrastinators make that leaves them struggling against their natural energy cycles... and makes it much more likely they’ll put things off instead of taking action - pg. 118
  • Why willpower should NOT be your main weapon against procrastination - pg. 121
  • 5 proven psychological “tricks” for dealing unpleasant tasks and projects that will help you get them started... and get them done quickly - pg. 114
  • One simple but critical distinction that helps you avoid procrastination on your big projects and goals - pg. 127
  • 10 practical strategies to help you break down a big project into smaller steps and figure out where and how to get started - pg. 129-133
  • The nasty vicious cycle that lies at the root of most fear and anxiety based procrastination patterns (You’ll learn exactly what you need to do to escape from it) - pg. 137
  • 3 powerful psychological tactics to conquer the fear of failure that is behind many forms of procrastination - pg. 138
  • 3 reasons why procrastination is actually trying to protect you from harm (in a very counterproductive way)... and how to get it to stop trying to “help” you - pg. 140
  • The 5 most common types of fears at the root of fear and anxiety based procrastination (You’ll learn what they are and 4 practical strategies to help you overcome them) - pg. 141-142
  • A seemingly innocent and all too common scheduling mistake can make it much more likely that you’ll procrastinate on important, difficult or complex activities (The best part is that it’s very easy to fix) - pg. 123
  • How to discover your unique “energy cycles” and match them to the best activities... this will significantly reduce your urge to procrastinate - pg. 123
  • How to get motivated and tackle big, complex projects and goals (This is the best way to get started on them) -pg. 127-128
  • And much, much more...


    One of the major causes of procrastination is unproductive or disempowering beliefs or mindsets that naturally lead you to procrastinate. For example, the way you think about your projects, goals and tasks can make them seem much worse than they actually are, which automatically lowers your drive and increases your resistance to act... making it much more likely that you’ll procrastinate.

    This is a difficult obstacle for many people to overcome because you can get so used to these “procrastination mindsets” that they become your habitual way of thinking... to the point that you are no longer even aware of them!

    If you’ve tried other procrastination or motivation programs before and found that you’re still procrastinating instead of taking action, this is probably why: You didn’t address or resolve these hidden beliefs and mindsets.

    If you truly want to overcome procrastination, you’re going to have to replace these unproductive procrastination mindsets with more effective ways of thinking. That’s why the mindset conditioning technology that is included with this program is so important... and so effective in helping you overcome procrastination.

    Mindset conditioning can quickly and easily “reprogram” your thinking habits to help you release these procrastination inducing thought patterns and replace them with more empowering and motivating mindsets, which will automatically boost your drive and lower your resistance to act making it much easier for you to get motivated and take action now.

    Mindset conditioning combines deep relaxation and whole brain learning techniques with mental patterning statements and guided visualizations designed to release unproductive and wasteful thinking habits, replacing them with more empowering mindsets.

    These powerful tools will gradually condition and reprogram your mindset, which will naturally influence your beliefs, thoughts, attitudes and actions.

    The Psychology of Procrastination program uses a combination of releasing statements, which are designed to help you release and let go of the beliefs and mindsets that directly lead to procrastination and lack of action, as well as embedding statements designed to install empowering thinking patterns that help you get motivated and take action now.

    As you listen to the audios and they flood your mind with positive, empowering conditioning statements, you’ll begin to think, feel and act like an action-oriented “do it now” kind of person. You’ll start to deeply believe that:

  • You are action-oriented and enjoy getting things done
  • You see the benefits of getting started now and doing your work on time
  • You can start and make progress on your projects regardless of the challenges you face
  • You enjoy learning new things and improving yourself
  • You know how to inspire and motivate yourself to take effective action
  • You recognize the value of taking action and solving problems while they are still small
  • You see yourself as a “do it now” person
  • You recognize and seize opportunities that come your way
  • And many, many more...

    These conditioning statements are designed to gradually reprogram your mindsets and thinking patterns so you can easily take the actions you know you need to take to get the results that you want... without unnecessary procrastination or delay.

    This program includes three simple but very powerful guided visualization sessions:

    The Warrior - This visualization gives you an instant boost of drive, energy and motivation to help you take action and overcome obstacles that are standing in your way. You’ll learn how to anchor that powerful feeling of drive and energy so you can access it instantly whenever you need it.

    Releasing Resistance - This visualization will help you become more aware of and effortlessly release your resistance to take action by embracing it rather than resisting or fighting against it.

    The Producer - This visualization will gradually adjust your self-image so you can let go of your “procrastinator” identity and start to SEE yourself as a productive, motivated and energetic action-oriented person who can easily take action and get things done.

    Using some of the same sports psychology techniques that Olympic gold-medal winners use to prepare for their events, these guided visualizations give you some simple but very effective tools to get motivated and overcome procrastination.

    By integrating the practical “how to” knowledge and skills that you need to master your motivation with the mindset conditioning tools that help you think like an action-oriented person, you get a powerful combination that will help you take action now and put an end to procrastination for good.

How Can You Know If This
Program Is Right For You?

    If you are already very productive and can easily get started on all your projects and goals, then you may not need it.

    If you are naturally motivated and instinctively know how to get yourself to take action, this may not be for you.

    If you “already know everything” about motivation and procrastination, then you should probably pass.

     Read through the list below and if you can relate to ANY ONE of these statements, then this might be the perfect program for you and I highly recommend that you get it right now.

  • If you are sick and tired of procrastination and want to learn how to finally overcome it once and for all
  • If you have an important dream or goal that you want to achieve... but you’ve been putting it off for a very long time
  • If your procrastination habit bothers you or makes you feel bad about yourself
  • If you want to master your motivation and learn how to get yourself to take action
  • If you feel unmotivated and uninspired to do the things that really matter to you
  • If you’ve been called “lazy” or a “slacker” and you want to do something about it before it gets you fired or costs you a promotion
  • If you’ve ever wished that you had more willpower and self-discipline so that you can finally do the things you know will make a difference in your life
  • If you don’t want to go to your grave regretting all the things you never got a chance to do because of procrastination

    If you found yourself saying “that sounds like me!” to more than one of these statements, you NEED to get this program immediately.

    There is a very good chance that this program contains exactly what you need to unlock your motivation and put an end to procrastination. And that’s why I want you to have it...

You’ll Also Get These
Additional Bonuses

    I want this to be one of the best investments you ever make, which is why I want to sweeten the deal and give you even more reasons to act now!

    When you order today, I’ll include these additional bonuses ...

Bonus # 1
101 Mini-Motivators

    Sometimes, you can get “stuck” and not know what else to try. This valuable resource will give you lots of practical ideas and suggestions to help you brainstorm and get yourself moving again. This is a perfect complement to the Procrastination Elimination System.

You’ll discover:

  • 3 different “motivational tools” you probably have lying around your house that can give you an instant dose of motivation when you need an extra boost

  • A simple exercise that can help you release nagging thoughts and worries that keep distracting you when you are trying to work

  • How to use your senses to re-energize and “wake yourself up”

  • A simple breathing exercise that can help you relax and feel more alert at the same time

  • A simple psychological tactic that helps you fool your brain into getting started with a project or task

  • 3 ways to use your physiology to give yourself a big boost of motivation and energy

  • How to create a powerful anchor to help you enter into a motivated state and mindset at will

  • If the “drill sergeant” approach to motivation isn’t working for you, try this instead (You are going to LOVE it)

  • 3 ways having fun can help you get motivated and work more productively

  • How to use negative emotions as fuel to fire up your motivation and boost your desire to take action

  • And dozens more strategies, tips and ideas to get you motivated and moving...

Bonus # 2
Overcoming Perfectionism

    Perfectionism and procrastination often go hand in hand. Many procrastinators are extremely self-critical because they hold themselves to impossibly high standards -- standards that no one would ever be able to meet.

    This guide will show you how to recognize perfectionism and give you practical strategies for dealing with it so you can do excellent work without wasting your time with this deadly productivity killer.

You’ll learn:

  • What perfectionism is and why it’s such a deadly productivity killer

  • The four main causes of perfectionism and why knowing them helps you do excellent work WITHOUT falling into this deadly trap

  • Why avoiding perfectionism is NOT an excuse for doing poor or sloppy work

  • 4 simple but very effective questions that will help you recognize perfectionism... and help you understand what you need to do to overcome it

  • How to distinguish between projects that deserve your extra time and attention and tasks that you just need to get done as quickly as possible (Hint: This is a BIG challenge for most perfectionists)

  • Why trying to always “do your best” can lead to perfectionism... and what you need to do instead

  • One simple but very powerful tool that greatly reduces the chances that you’ll fall into perfectionism

  • The “paradox of perfection” - What is is and how understanding it helps you overcome perfectionism


Bonus # 3
Best Time Management
“Power Tools”

    Hugh Young, a physics professor from Carnegie Mellon University, said, “Often there is an easy way and a hard way to do a job; the easy way sometimes involves nothing more than having the right tools to use.”

    Having the right time management tools will make it easier for you to avoid the common time management mistakes that can lead to procrastination. In this guide, I’m going to share with you some essential time management “power tools” that will help you get things done.

  • 5 time-saving “power tools” that help you be more productive
  • One thing that you should NEVER put in your calendar if you want to get things done
  • 3 practical ways to use checklists to help you do more consistent and higher quality work
  • A simple tool that helps you remember KEY information that you need
  • How to choose between electronic and paper-based planners
  • 6 things to look for in a “perfect planner”

    The value of these bonuses is at least $30 alone.

Let’s Wrap This Up

    I probably spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of learning and research to understand the causes of procrastination and develop the Procrastination Elimination System.

    But you won’t have to do what I did because I’ve taken the best and most effective techniques and strategies and condensed them into a practical and easy to use program that teaches you step-by-step how to master your motivation and get yourself to take action now.

    Think about how much procrastination has already cost you in your life. How much money have you wasted? How many opportunities have you missed? What about the years of regret, frustration and disappointment?

    Now let me ask you this: what if this program CAN help you get motivated and finally put an end to procrastination for good?

    What if it can help you feel proud of yourself for everything that you’re accomplishing and getting done each day, instead of feeling frustrated and disappointed?

    What if it really can help you master your motivation and start going after your most important dreams and goals... instead of feeling unmotivated and stuck?

    How much would that be worth to you? Five hundred dollars? A thousand? More?

    For most procrastinators I know, just the POSSIBILITY of feeling motivated and conquering procrastination once and for all would be well worth the investment.

    Coaches charge you hundreds of dollars a month... and expensive seminars can run into the thousands of dollars for just a weekend.

    But it won’t cost you $1,000 or even $100 to benefit from the ideas and tools in this program.

    You get the complete Psychology of Procrastination program for only $49!

Here’s What You Are Going To Get...

   Let’s recap everything that you’ll get when you order the Psychology of Procrastination program today...

  • The 5 “quickstart” videos and “cheat sheets” to help you get started quickly and easily
  • The fully searchable eBook reference guide with more detailed descriptions of the Procrastination Elimination System and the principles, techniques and strategies behind it
  • The Mindset conditioning audios in MP3 format
  • Three powerful guided visualization sessions in MP3 format
  • Action exercises to improve your motivation skills and productivity habits
  • The Procrastination Elimination Plan workbook and template that you can start using right away
  • Bonuses
  • All materials are instantly available via electronic download - there is no physical shipment associated with this program

    Here’s all the value that you’re getting with this program...

5 QuickStart Videos and cheat sheets


Psychology of Procrastination eBook


Mindset conditioning audios (MP3)


Three guided visualization sessions (MP3)  





Total value of this package...


    That’s over $137 worth of valuable resources for only $49.

    And that’s only your investment if the program works for you. If it doesn’t, you pay absolutely NOTHING...

Your 90-Day Money Back Guarantee


    That’s right. If after going through the Psychology of Procrastination program, listening to the mindset conditioning audios and guided visualizations, and using the Procrastination Elimination System you don’t agree that you have everything you need to finally overcome procrastination...

    Or if you are not 100% satisfied- for ANY reason - just let us know and we’ll refund your entire investment in full. No questions asked. And you can still keep the program absolutely free with my compliments.

    That way, you risk nothing.

    So what are you waiting for?

    I truly want to help you learn how to motivate yourself to take action so you can finally put an end to procrastination and get what you want, so click on the link below and place your order now:

Click Here to Order Now!

Only $49!
90 Day Money Back Guarantee


    You can pay securely using a credit card or PayPal.

    This much is for sure: your procrastination habit won’t go away by itself. If you don’t do anything about it, chances are that it will just get worse... MUCH worse.

    In 90 days, you’ll either stay exactly as you are now and continue to struggle with procrastination, continue putting off your important dreams and goals,  continue breaking promises to yourself and others, and continue letting indecision and doubt control your life.

    Or, you’ll have become a much more focused and productive action-oriented person who can easily get motivated and take whatever action is necessary to get what you want.

    So which is it? How do you see yourself 90 days from now?

    I truly want you to experience how good it feels to finally put an end to procrastination and take control of your life by mastering your motivation, but now it’s up to you to make it happen.

    Don’t let procrastination ruin another day of your life. Make the decision right now to become a more motivated and action-oriented person... and don’t let anything stop you.

    Click on the link below now to get started:

Click Here to Order Now!

Only $49!
90 Day Money Back Guarantee

Your friend,
Rodger Constandse

P.S. This program will give you the knowledge, skills and tools you need to master your motivation and put an end to your procrastination habit. You’ll be amazed at how fast you can start seeing results once you understand what’s happening “under the hood.”

P.P.S. Chances are this program contains EXACTLY what you need to get motivated and take action on the things you know will make a difference in your life... and I guarantee it will work for you or I’ll give you a full refund. Don’t wait another day... get this program right now. You won’t regret it.

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“I Was Actually Excited To Get
Started On Something That I Have
Been Putting Off Forever...”

Rodger, I think you have outdone yourself with this program.

Lesson #4 is where I began to have not one but several light bulb moments. Doing the workbook is the clincher.  Somehow writing down the things I am currently procrastinating on and then writing down the why for each one was a very freeing moment.

As they say, “Confession is good for the soul” admitting out loud (actually on paper) that I just simply do not like to do certain things seem to give me freedom to make the next step.

I discovered all sorts of emotions for various things that I continually procrastinate on, including; dislike, resentment, guilt, fear and perfectionism to name a few.

I chose my first target and set about to write down the benefits of achieving it. I was actually excited to get started on something that I have been putting off forever. I am happy to say that I am making progress. I think the workbook will be the key to keeping on keeping on, at least for me.

I know I have a lot of work to do in a lot of different areas, because procrastination had become a monster of a habit with me, but now I have hope because you have given me the tools to work with.

Thank you so very much.

Mary M.”           

Dear Rodger,

I am a small businessman and I have been ever since leaving the US Army in 1979. I have had many successes but also many failures and setbacks as has anyone that's actually done anything.

The biggest problem that faced me was the willingness to do the next thing because of previous failures associated with that particular category of action such as setting up new accounts or things dealing with finance and the obtaining of credit.

I was quite stagnate for years due to the rejections and refusals so I started coming up with varied wild ideas to overcome the hesitancy to perform the action. I cannot tell you the amount of negative feelings that fell away from me and all the reasons for the stalling and stopping on my goals when I discovered the reason behind procrastination.

Rodger, it has not only been a life saver but it has been a business saver.

Thank you for your concise description and graphic representation of how it works. To let you know how powerful it was, as soon as I saw the mechanics behind procrastination I tried to continue on in the book but that was reducing my confidence in the simplicity of the cause so I just started applying the data that my drive and resistance is both mine. If they are both mine I just put more emphasis on the drive and less on the resistance.

Also, in the goals book you start with purpose and use purpose as the driving force. This inspired me to finally sit down and set down my basic purpose. With a solid basic purpose now in place and my procrastination handled I have discovered that my long ago dreams abandoned by failures and setbacks have now resurfaced and seem once again attainable.

Thank you.

- James O.”  


“This Program Has Given Me Motivation And Hope That My Life Will Get Better”

“I have problems with procrastination in most areas of my life. I have chosen to work on keeping my kitchen table clear of all mail, books, paperwork and many other things which don’t belong on the table.

I use the kitchen as a dumping ground for everything. I have reached the point of desperation, because I can’t’ seem to find the bills that are due, important documents, etc. I kept everything on the table because it reminds me what I need to work on. Having the kitchen table full of stuff gives me feelings of suffocation, overwhelmed, anxious, and I didn’t even knew where to begin before working on this program.

I have become more aware on my resistance to get started.  It has given me an outline on what I need to start with.  I have learned to focus on the small picture instead of the whole thing.  I have assigned my self to start working on this project at least ten minutes a day.  So far I have found homes for some of the things on the table.  I have been sorting the mail almost daily.

The immediate result I got is to look at procrastination in a positive way.  I have learned to work on it daily in small increments.  This program has given me motivation and hope that my life will get better. I finally see the light at end of the tunnel.  Most important is I feel enthusiastic and motivated to work on the other procrastination problems in my life.

By working on this goal I will stop paying late charges on lost bills, find important documents and release the negative energy that gets trapped in the clutter.  By having the kitchen table clears of all the clutter I will feel more at ease, happier, lighter and less stress.  It has given me much hope that I can do this, and my life will improve in all aspects.

When I first started the program, I felt a tightness in my chest and a feeling of dread to the thought of all the problems procrastination has caused me.  Now a few months into the program,  I can’t say all my anxiety has completely disappeared, but it has lessen a little bit, and getting slowly replaced with enthusiasm and motivation to overcome my problem of procrastination.  Thank you so much for this wonderful program.

Rosa L.
Implementation Challenge Winner

    * IMPORTANT: Chronic or acute procrastination can be a symptom of a medical condition like clinical depression or chronic fatigue syndrome. If you have ANY symptoms that could be associated with a medical or psychological condition, or you have any medical or mental health concerns about your procrastination, you should seek the advice of a competent medical professional who can properly diagnose your condition. This program does not provide medical or professional advice or attempt to diagnose, treat or cure any medical or psychological conditions. You should get the approval of your doctor, therapist, or other medical or mental health professional before continuing with this program.